Company Message - Essential Oils
Company Message - Company Message
An Angel's Touch, LLC*
d/b/a WCF Commercial Green Cleaning Co.**
(303) 949-7352
An Angel's Touch, LLC
Offers Special Blends of Essential Oils, By Diffuser,
 For Your Home or Which Are Known for Their
Calming and Uplifting Effects and Their Impressive Antibacterial, Disinfectant, Antiviral, Antifungal 
and Germ-Killing 
Natural Cleaning Qualities. 
  We Enjoy Providing Our Clients a
Choice of the Following Essential Oil Blends,
Offering Our Clients Light Aromatherapy,
a Rejuvenating and Therapeutic Experience. 
While These Essential Oil Blends Work Great 
to Naturally Neutralize Odors 
and Purify Indoor Air Quality,
Each Essential Oil Also Has Its Own
Physical and Mental Healing Properties. 


An Angel's Touch, LLC
List of Essential Oil Blends
Thieves Oil Blend
Thieves Oil Blend
A Blend of Essential Oils dates back to the Middle Ages and is scientifically proven to fight flu virus and other antibiotic resistant strains of viruses.
Peace & Happiness Blend
Our Peace & Happiness Blend helps to calm tensions and uplift your spirit, for relaxation and a deep sense of peace. *This is a good blend to calm and comfort children after an active day.
Peace & Happiness Blend
Citrus Bliss
Citrus Bliss
Our Citrus Bliss Blend is loved by both Children and Adults and promotes is known to bring feelings of joy, creativity and a sense of well-being.
Our Mold Killing Blend
This is a Blend of Special Essential Oils that work together as a team to produce a Broad-Spectrum Fungicide that kills all mold families it comes in contact with.
Our Mold Killing Blend
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An Angel's Touch, LLC  offers their Customers:
(1) Military Discounts, (2) Senior Citizen Discounts
(3) New Client Loyalty Discount Punch Cards,
(4) Referral Bonuses and (5) Monthly Cleaning Specials. 

 (See Our Customer Specials Page for More Details)