Company Message - Rentals/Apartment Move-Outs
Company Message - Company Message

Rental Property/Apartment Move-Ins & Move-Outs
Require a Complete and Thorough Deep Cleaning of 
the Property, and We Guarantee We Will Clean 
Property to the Condition that We Would Expect it to 
Be In IWe Were Renting from You! 

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An Angel's Touch, LLC
 d/b/a WCF Commercial Green Cleaning Co.
Rental Property and Apartment 
Move-Ins and Move-Outs
 Scope of Work

Living Room/Dining Room/Bedrooms
  •  Wash all windows inside and out
  •  Wash window blinds and curtain rods
  •  Wash inside and outside of all doors
  •  Wipe down inside walls and shelves of closets
  •  Clean and disinfect light switches and outlets
  •  Clean inside and outside of all light fixtures
  •  Clean tops and bottoms of all ceiling fans
  •  Remove all nails (patch, if requested)
  •  Wash off all marks on walls and doors
  •  Wipe down all baseboards
  •  Clean out fireplace (if applicable)
  •  Vacuum out and wipe down all floor vents
  •  Sweep and mop all vinyl and tile floors
  •  Polish all hardwood floors
  •  Vacuum and edge all carpeted areas
  •  Clean sliding glass doors and screen doors
  •  Sweep patios and balcony areas
  •  Remove trash and debris from the premises


  •  Wipe and disinfect shower and bathtub tile
  •  Wash, wipe and disinfect bathroom sinks
  •  Clean inside and outside of toilet, seat and lid
  •  Wipe inside and outside of all drawers
  •  Wipe inside and outside of all cupboards
  •  Wipe down front and back of bathroom doors
  •  Clean and disinfect outlets and light switches
  •  Wipe and clean all light fixtures
  •  Clean inside and outside of medicine cabinets
  •  Polish chrome faucets of sinks, showers and bathtubs
  •  Wash and wipe all mirrors in bathroom
  •  Wash and wipe glass shower walls and doors
  •  Wipe down all bathroom baseboards
  •  Vacuum out and wipe down all floor vents
  •  Sweep and mop bathroom floor

Kitchen Area

Wipe down and clean inside and outside of all cupboards.
    • Wipe down and clean inside and outside of all drawers. 
    • Clean sinks and counter tops, including back splash.
    • Clean and polish kitchen faucets.
    • Wipe inside and outside of dishwasher.
    • Wipe inside and outside of built-in microwave 
    • Clean and polish all stainless steel appliances.
    • Clean inside and outside of all removable light fixtures.
    • Replace light bulbs (if necessary).
    • Dust and clean out floor vents, vacuum if needed.
    • Clean and disinfect electrical outlets and light switches.
    • Sweep and mop entire kitchen floor.
    • Wipe and clean all kitchen walls and baseboards.
Refrigerator/Freezer Cleaning

    •  Remove and clean bins, shelves and door sectionals.
    • ‹ Defrost freezer and empty any ice compartment.
    •  Wipe and clean ice maker bucket and replace.
    •  Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and freezer.
    •  Wash and clean bottom vent of refrigerator.
    •  Pull out and wipe down all walls behind refrigerator.
    •  Sweep and mop under refrigerator.

Stove/Oven Cleaning
    •  Monitor self-cleaning oven, if applicable.
    •  Soak and clean stove temperature knobs.
    •  Soak and scrub stove top drip pans.
    •  Remove and soak oven racks and broiler pan.
    •  Clean and wipe lower drawer under stove.
    •  Treat and remove burns from glass stove top.
    •  Clean range hood above stove.
    •  Soak and clean range hood filter.
    •  Mini-sweep and clean inside of oven.
    •  Wash and dry outside of stove.
    •  Pull out and wipe down all walls behind the stove.
    •  Sweep and mop floor under the stove.

Angels Cleaning Service, Thorough and Affordable Cleaning Services Denver Area, Residential and Commercial Move-Out Services for Denver Area Property Managers,
*100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
*100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
If You are Not Completely Satisfied with Any of Our Property Clean-Up Services Performed for You, Just Let Us Know Within 24 Hours Which Services You Were Not Performed to Your Satisfaction, and We Will Happily Return to the Property to Correct Those Service Area(s). If You're Still Not Satisfied with Our Property Clean-Up Services After Our Return to the Property, You Will Not Be Charged for Those Services.
**Green Cleaning Specialists
An Angel's Touch uses Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable "Certified" Green Cleaning Products and/or Green Cleaning Recipes, upon Request and Whenever Possible, to Promote Wellness & Reduce Sickness in the Home and the Work Place, for You and Your Family and Pets, Your Co-Workers and Tenants, Your Employees and Our Cleaning Service Staff, and Our Earth and Environment.
**Green Cleaning Specialists